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Selling Your Memorabilia or Game-Worn/Used Uniforms to Dolphin1

I am always interested in purchasing genuine game-worn/used uniforms--single items to entire collections. Please see the bottom of this page for a list of items I would not be interested in. Payment will be sent overnight, in the form of a Dolphin1 company check PAYPAL OR MASTERCARD. I purchase from individuals and from teams. Currently, I am most interested in purchasing "common" baseball, football, and hockey jerseys from any leagues. I will only purchase star-player items from sources with whom I am familiar and comfortable with, or directly from a team. I don't make bold statements such as "top dollar paid" or "nobody pays more then we do" ect. Let's be frank--If you are selling to a dealer such as myself, that dealer is buying for resale. Therefore, that dealer is going to offer you an amount that allows for an adequate retail mark-up. I'm being forthright and letting you know that right up front. I do, however, strive to pay a fair dollar figure for your quality game-worn/used uniforms. To receive a greater return on your investment, consider my consignment program. If selling outright for fast payment appeals to you, please read on:

1. Please provide accurate details and descriptions of the item(s) you would like to sell. With jerseys, describe the tagging, tailoring, and any alterations such as name and number changes and/or removed patches. With helmets, I ask that you describe all interior padding and markings such as date stamps and any numbers written or taped. A description of the facemask and clips, warning stickers, league or conference stickers, decals and chinstrap is exceedingly helpful. If possible, provide photos of any item you may wish to sell. Equally as important, the item's history is useful to me as it will help me to establish provenance.

2. If you prefer that I make an offer I will--but please tell me up front what your asking price is.

3. Dolphin1 works with Honesty-Integrity-Authenticity. I would expect the same from you as a seller. Don't offer me items that you know or suspect are phony.

I Am NOT Buying the Following:

- Items which have company-specific tagging, stickers or holograms, i.e. MeiGray, ASI, PSA/DNA and others.

- Items with collector-restored patches or nameplates. Also, if a jersey has had a patch removed by the team, please don't send along a loose replacement patch to sell with the item.

- Jerseys that have been collector-tailored in an effort to make the jersey more wearable for that particular collector.

- Helmets with missing padding and broken hardware.

- Replica items and salesman's samples.

Dolphin1 strives to sell quality game-worn/ used items. I am eager to purchase your game-worn/used items--however all of the pieces need to be in place and the item must be of indisputable authenticity.